West Virginia Auto Transport

Coordinating car transport into West Virginia can be easy or difficult depending on where in the state you are planning to ship a car. We have developed a good reputation in the industry because we make an effort to be frankly honest with our customers. Because the state has a large portion of it built in the Appalachian Mountains, it is often avoided by most auto shipping companies. This is not to say that a transport is impossible to coordinate from West Virginia, it is simply important to allot yourself plenty of time for a pickup window. As well, it is important to do your homework early on the companies you are considering to use for your shipment. This is especially important for you when you are in more rural locations or less frequently traveled states like West Virginia. The reason is that it is not uncommon in the auto transport industry to have a company quote a customer a price and then back out at the last minute. For reasons like that and many others we recommend all of our customers to do their homework by reviewing the companies they are considering on the Better Business Bureau. By doing this, you can see how many complaints the company has had and from that you will be able to make an educated decision on which company you would like to go with.

West Virginia's birth was during the Civil War and is the only state to become a state by seceding from the Confederacy. In doing so it was a key border state for the Union during the war. Because the majority of the state is still on the southern portion of the Mason-Dixon line, it is considered to be a southern state. Historically economically the state was very dependent on its residents for the coal mining. However now they have diversified into other areas a main one of which is tourism.

Over the years, American Auto Movers has been an industry leader in customer service. This point is proven by our excellent reputation in our industry. Auto transport is our core business and regardless of your situation and timeframe, give us a call, speak with one of our representatives and let us see if we can help you with your move.

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