Wisconsin Auto Transport

Are you trying to coordinate an auto transport to Wisconsin? Or did you buy a car in the state and need some help on getting it picked up and moved out? Regardless of your situation, American Auto Movers is an experienced car shipping company and over the years have built a good reputation in our industry. Despite our frequency of picking up and delivering throughout the state, there are sections of the state that rarely drivers will go for pickup or delivery. It can always be coordinated if it is necessary, for our drivers to go to more rural areas like Tomahawk, Wisconsin, however typically there will be a surcharge for pickup and delivery into those areas. Something that is rarely thought of by customers is that most drivers operate on a given route.

For example, if a driver's typical route is from Florida to St. Paul, MN. Along that route he makes deliveries in Wisconsin along Interstates 90 & 94 on his way to Minnesota. When you request for a delivery to go to Wausau that can put the driver 80 miles out of route. While that city is 80 miles from Interstate 94, if he has other deliveries along that route it turns into a 160 mile trip for the driver. So drivers must factor in their time, wear and tear on the truck and fuel to make that 160 mile trip for only your car. Some cases when you are trying to keep the price to a minimum it can be worth it for you to go down to the interstate with a friend to pickup the car. When you call us for your auto transport quote ask our representative what your options are.

Wisconsin is one of the northern states bordering several of our great lakes. For hundreds of years Wisconsin has been economically reliant on farming, especially dairy. It has been referred to as the "cheese state." However, over time the state has diversified its economic bases to include lumbering, mining and tourism. Because of its well diversified structure it is considered by many to be one of the strongest states economically.

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